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"Techtweek Infotech delivers cutting-edge solutions with exceptional quality. Their team's expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction are commendable. Trustworthy and reliable, they consistently exceed expectations. Highly recommended for all your tech needs!"

Mandeep Singh National Head Sales, Edutopia

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Freelancer completed a complex task in a short amount of time. Quality was great. I ran into a small issue due to my lack of knowledge but they were there to help me solve it right away. Highly recommend.

Devon Seacrest

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Excellent Job and knows AWS very well!!!


Clients’ words What they've said

Sahil is very knowledgeable and responsive. He completed the project successfully and as per committed timelines.

Rishi Bali

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Excellent job with accommodating this change request. The request is completed successfully since we are working on broader contract already, this was a add on and remaining working was done as a part of that. Overall had really positive experience and definitely recommend the team.

Ajay Baban Kauthale

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Communication was clear and prompt. High degree of technical and professional services.

Leen Remmelzwaal

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Sahil was very helpful creating security policies and procedures.

Ben Strachan

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As always, great work!! Thanks

Martin Visconti

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Thanks Sahil and team for helping us setup our dev, staging & production environments. Sahil was able to fulfil all requested points, but we went over the scheduled delivery date due to multiple reasons (mutual). In future to anyone reading this, I would recommend to prepare a detailed list of tasks or changes before engaging. Sahil was kind enough to accept a fixed price project proposal from us, but I would recommend to go for a hourly contract for upcoming setups from his team.

Rizwan Chaudhry

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Sahil is a great person to work with. He assist with AWS and sensitive data type work.

Anival M

Clients’ words What they've said

Sahil was able to review and resolve the issues we had with our AWS account very swiftly, and on top of that he offered additional support that was required. Within a day we were able to cut our costs by over 50%. We wouldn't have been able to do this as successfully if we were without Sahil, and would recommend him to anyone who needs expertise on AWS and WordPress.

Jon Pratten