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AWS Management

Techtweek Infotech has the requisite manpower and expertise to fulfill your AWS cloud need. You don’t need to spend your time building the cloud infrastructure, Techtweek Infotech is expertise managing AWS cloud infrastructure which will help you to make your service available through AWS in a cost-effective manner.

GCP Management

Provides constant visibility and control of Google Cloud to customers. Enables consolidated Google Cloud billing and management for better control and settlement across varied divisions. Helps increase profitability through managed services.

Azure Management

Continuous advancement in technologies inevitably leads to higher demand for innovations. One such innovation that is quickly gaining popularity and generating very high interest is Cloud.

SOC (Service organization control) Consulting

A SOC Report (System and Organization Controls Report) is a report on Controls at a Service Organization which are relevant to user entities’ internal control over financial reporting.

PCIDSS Assessment Consulting

Techtweek Infotech is a consulting firm and was shaped in light of the developing business sector requirement for particular data security administrations.

ISO Certification Consulting

An ISMS is a framework of policies and procedures that includes all legal, physical and technical controls involved in an organizations information risk management processes.

HIPPA Consulting

A federal HIPAA security risk assessment is an tool of a health provider’s and business associates’ compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule.

HITRUST Consulting

HITRUST stands for the Health Information Trust Alliance. It was founded in 2007 and uses the “HITRUST approach” to help organizations from all sectors–but especially healthcare–effectively manage data, information risk, and compliance.

GDPR Consulting

GDPR Compliance means an organization that falls within the scope of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) meets the requirements for properly handling personal data as defined in the law.

24x7 Infrastructure Monitoring (NOC)

Enhancing operational efficiency is difficult without historical and real-time data in one place. Analyze performance trends of native services like EC2, S3, Lambda, RDS, Load Balancer, CloudFront, Workspaces, VPC-VPN, and more with Site24x7 AWS Monitoring

24x7 Security Incident Management (SOC)

The SOC service providers are business-to-business (B2B) service providers who are never involved in network operations. The SOC team's interactions are confined to its MSP/IT service provider clients.

Remote IT Support Services

Our remote IT support services consist of trained technicians and IT administrators who can help in troubleshooting frequent IT related problems quickly and efficiently, thereby providing you with an economical IT helpdesk solution.

Devops Automation

Fast-growing consumer demand driven by the advent of digital solutions led to the replacement of critical machines with technology-driven smart solutions.

CI/CD Pipelines

CI and CD are a must in the modern era of technology as it revised the way software is developed. Integrating CI and CD leads to faster builds and quicker deliveries unaltering the quality of software.

Infrastructure as a code

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is the managing and provisioning of infrastructure through code instead of through manual processes. With IaC, configuration files are created that contain your infrastructure specifications, which makes it easier to edit and distribute configurations.

Linux Server Management

Server health is vital for website performance, authenticity, and acceptability in the modern internet era. We takes care of your server’s health for you.

Windows Server Management

Are your servers in the best of health and yielding excellent value to your business? This is possible only if your servers are managed well.

Cloud Server Management

A cloud server is a pooled, centralized server resource that is hosted and delivered over a network—typically the Internet—and accessed on demand by multiple users.



External Pentesting

Ethical Hacking is an authorized way of hacking attempt targeting an organization’s IT infrastructure, applications and staff, to gain the access into its virtual assets.

Internal pentesting

Ethical Hacking is an authorized way of hacking attempt targeting an organization’s IT infrastructure, applications and staff, to gain the access into its virtual assets.

Enterprise Wireless Pentesting

Penetration tests done wirelessly assess the adequacy of multiple security controls designed to protect unauthorized access to wireless services.


Mobile Application Pentesting

Mobile devices and software have become indispensable because they make our daily life easier and more productive. However, they are frequently targeted by hackers due to the volume of data they process.

Web Application Pentesting

A Web application (Web app) is an application program that is stored on a remote server and delivered over the Internet through a browser interface.


Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability analysis, also known as vulnerability assessment, is a process that defines, identifies, and classifies the security holes (vulnerabilities) in a computer, network, or communications infrastructure.

Internal pentesting

Ethical Hacking is an authorized way of hacking attempt targeting an organization’s IT infrastructure, applications and staff, to gain the access into its virtual assets

Internal pentesting

Server hardening is a type of system hardening process that aims to protect and secure a server against cyberattacks by reducing its attack surface.



Every website accepting credit card information must perform a quarterly scan of their ecosystem and submit it to the acquiring bank. On failing to do so, you most probably lose your license to accept and process credit card information, which, in turn, could be catastrophic for your business considering the popularity of using debit and credit cards.

Web Development

Web development services help create all types of web-based software and ensure great experience for web users. At Techtweek, we professionally design, redesign and continuously support customer-facing and enterprise web apps to achieve high conversion and adoption rates.

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development services are aimed at building iOS & Android applications that effectively complement or substitute web solutions. Techtweek ensures app success by delivering striking UI, secure app code, and resilient back ends.

User interface (UI) & User experience (UX) design

Web design services comprise the processes of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design of any web-based solution. In each of its web design projects, Techtweek shrewdly balances the technology, visual aesthetics and business objectives, bringing you fast-loading, impactful and high-converting online experiences.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing services are professional services that help market or advertise your business online, like through search, social media, and paid channels. They focus solely on digital channels versus traditional marketing channels like print or Web.